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Anthony G. (Tony) Mansell

Anthony G. (Tony) Mansell worked as an engineer and a mathematics professor before deciding to enter the field of law. He chose estate law because it allowed him to help people make knowledgeable choices about the distribution of their property and other assets. Mr. Mansell graduated from law school in 1983 and passed the Arkansas Bar in 1985.

  • Former President of the Board for the Volunteers in Public Schools
  • Named Volunteer Attorney of the Year by "Vocals", 2013

An Established Estate Law Firm

Name your beneficiaries and specify your bequests to them with planning assistance from our estate law firm in Little Rock, AR. The office of Anthony G. (Tony) Mansell Attorney at Law serves clients in Central Arkansas. If you don't make a plan, the law makes a plan for you. Without an estate plan, the State of Arkansas has established laws that govern the distribution of your property upon your passing. In some cases, this is perfectly in line with your wishes, but perhaps not.

Thus, the purpose of estate planning is control and protection. You control where and to whom your money and property goes. And, you will protect your money and property from being drained by probate. Contact us today to schedule a no-cost consultation with our legal team.

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This is an arrangement that might offer you significant savings. If we agree to represent you under a "Limited Scope Representation Contract," it means that we agree only to perform and charge for narrowly defined services. Usually, those services compose only a part, maybe a small part, of what's needed for your case.

And the person who does the rest is often you. Someone with competence and skill can sometimes meet many of the demands of a legal case, while depending on an attorney to do the part that only he or she understands how to do. The result is that you pay less for the management of your case.

This is not for everybody. People hire lawyers for a reason. To be safe, you may want to rely on us from start to finish. Feel free to bring up Limited Scope Representation whenever we discuss your case.